Introduction to Afro-American Studies


Internet Explorer

Use the following guidelines to print your book.

NOTE  : These are only suggested guidelines which have been tested to give best results on most computers.

1. in the menu bar, select 'View' option, in the corresponding drop down menu, select Text-size. , you will get 5 options,  choose "smaller"  (This way the book becomes more readable )

2. Go to file menu , select "page setup" , and you will get a new window. 
   in the middle of the window , there will be section of header and footer.
   in the footer , you will see something like this " &u&b&d " in the white space.
   Delete it.   
  ( it prints the time and URL of the website , which is not required )

3. Now you are all set to start printing...
    begin by simply clicking on the printer icon on the toolbar (On top)  OR ,  go to file menu and    select print. 


Netscape Navigator

1. Go to Edit menu , and select the 'preferences'  option.
  you will get a new window.  In the left frame of the window, select fonts. (double click)
   In the right frame , you will get options to change font size , (ie . 'variable width font ' and ' fixed width font' )  change them both to size 10.

2. Next go to the 'File' menu and select 'page setup' option. , a new window will open, 
    in the header and footer,  uncheck  'document location' and 'date printed'
    click on OK to save the settings.

3. Now you are ready to print.
   Start printing by clicking on the printer icon in the toolbar, OR go to file menu and select print